Intriguing sights no.9

There are many uses for old British telephone boxes that no longer house public telephones.

One of my earlier intriguing sights (no.3) was a phonebox that had been turned into a lending library.

Today, as I was driving through the village of Spittalfield in Perthshire, I saw another box being used in quite a different way.

phonebox Spittalfield

As you can perhaps make out, it contained foliage of some sort.

When I opened the door I was greeted with the pleasing sight of burgeoning tomato plants in pots sitting on the floor of the phonebox.


An old phonebox turned into a greenhouse.


10 thoughts on “Intriguing sights no.9

  1. I just love what people do with these old phone boxes. This is very clever as it would serve as a hot house with the door closed. Also the birds and other creatures wouldn´t get at the tomatoes.

    • Good point about keeping things out, I hadn’t thought of that. These old phoneboxes are very sturdily constructed with lots of glass, so I think they would make good hot houses (as long as we get some sunshine, that is…).

  2. Oh that is fantastic …not sure what I like best a good book or a nice ripe tomato mmmmm both ! I hope you re watching the G.B.B off I think you should be one of the judges …move over Paul Holywood lol

    • How about a nice ripe tomato while you’re reading a good book? Best of both worlds. I haven’t seen the new series of the Great British Bake-off yet but I’m looking forward to watching it on iplayer. I would have no idea about all the technical baking things they do, especially the bread, but I certainly wouldn’t mind tasting their efforts. 🙂

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