Scottish 2016 Calendars for sale

Roll up, roll up, get your 2016 Scottish calendars here (or, rather, on ebay).

Scotland 2016 calendar cover

A4 size, wire bound at the top with a hanging hook.


13 bonnie Scottish scenes (one per month plus an extra one on the front) to brighten up your wall throughout the year.

back page 2

Big clear numbers for easy reading at a distance.


£10* a pop (plus postage).


*I’m sorry they’re so expensive for what is quite a small calendar. The larger the quantity I ordered from the printers the lower the price per item, but I was wary of making the same mistake I made with my tearoom book (ordering far too many), so I played it safe with a small order.

On the up side, each calendar is accompanied by a four page information document, giving a bit of background about the locations photographed.

calendar and notes

A free teabag is also included with every calendar. You can choose from Earl Grey (blended black tea flavoured with oil of bergamot and lemon) or Bold Kenyan (a bold and earthy black tea grown in Kenya), or leave it entirely up to chance and get a surprise when it arrives through the post.


Delivery worldwide by Royal Mail (1st or 2nd class within the UK; airmail or economy to the rest of the world).


16 thoughts on “Scottish 2016 Calendars for sale

    • Thanks very much, Lucinda. I’m lucky to be able to get out and about and see such lovely places. Every country has its charms and it’s good to be able to enjoy what’s on your doorstep.

  1. Pretty sure my Mum would absolutely love one of these, but please forgive me for not shopping just yet. Closer to December I will though. Well, you know, October-ish, to allow for the Christmas post rush etc 🙂 Is there still a Christmas post rush now that we have the internet? I suspect there’s more of a courier rush.

    • Thank you kindly, Trish. I imagine it’s the same with you as it is here, in that our postal service claims to deliver far fewer letters than it used to but far more parcels. I don’t think they’ve quite got themselves geared up for it though, they need bigger postboxes so that we don’t have to always go to the post office to send them. It is a bit early to be flogging calendars, right enough. I wasn’t sure when would be a good time to do this post but I’ve seen a lot of calendars in shops recently and I suppose that was what prompted me. I’m very happy to store them nicely till a more appropriate time. 🙂

  2. How lovely a little piece of my mate Lorna in my kitchen (that will be sorted by Christmas fingers crossed) and a cuppa …can’t you throw a scone in for good measure …just joking . Love one later on in the year .

    • Thanks for the inspiration, Jo. I remember you saying you enjoyed doing your first one last year, and I enjoyed putting this one together. As for the teabags, I’m a bit restricted by what I can get in individual sachets, but both of those are rather nice.

    • Thank you very much, Hilary. Visiting with the mind is sometimes just as good as doing it in person and if I could magic a scone through the screen to you I would do it post haste.

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