Tesco Finest Swiss dark chocolate with peppermint

Earlier this year I had the idea of trying at least 52 different chocolate treats, one for each week of the year. Somehow or other this fine aim has been overlooked and I’ve been very remiss when it comes to chocolate consumption.

I was thinking about this as I wandered along the confectionery aisle of my local Tesco supermarket this morning, when a special offer caught my eye. Their Tesco Finest Swiss dark chocolate with peppermint was reduced from £1.50 to £1, suggesting that the time was ripe for trying it out.

Tesco dark mint chocolate bar

Tesco do a range of Swiss chocolate bars, but I’ve always been slightly dubious about them. I think I assumed that the word ‘Swiss’ was included on the wrapper purely as an advertising gimmick, and I tend to think of Swiss chocolate as being too creamy and sweet for my taste. However, I do like the packaging on the range.

When I opened it up, the inside of the packet held two unexpected points of interest: the real reason for the bars being marketed as ‘Swiss’, and a little clock motif printed as a background.

Swiss bar inside

The bars are in fact made in Switzerland, which is about as good a reason as I can think of for calling them Swiss.

The outside of the packet told me that the bar contained 5 servings. Inside, there were ten slim chunks, making two such chunks one serving.

one servingI was slightly surprised by the blurb on the back of the pack, which included the word ‘sweet’ to describe the contents.


I don’t know if this conditioned me to expect a particularly sweet taste, but I did find it to be sweeter than expected for dark chocolate. I would certainly agree that it had a refreshingly minty flavour, and it undoubtedly had a chocolatey taste, but it seemed to me that the sweetness outweighed the taste of cocoa.

choc piecesTo get a second opinion, I asked Delightful Assistant no.2 for his assistance. I gave him a piece of the bar and asked him to describe his impressions as he ate it. He chomped through it with his eyes closed, deep in concentration, and came up with the following words:

“Flavoursome, mellow, satisfying, slightly minty, creamy. I really enjoyed it and it’s certainly not bitter.”

He didn’t use the word ‘sweet’ but he did use the word ‘creamy’, which struck me as an unusual adjective to employ when describing dark chocolate. Perhaps the relatively low 55% cocoa solids would account for it.

Next I tried it out on Delightful Assistant no.2, and these were her thoughts:

“Pepperminty, smooth, about the right kind of sweetness. I feel it sort of sticks to my mouth.”

Like her spouse, she didn’t find it overly sweet.

All in all, I don’t regret splashing out £1 for this chocolate bar, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again. Making the most of the special offer, I purchased two other bars in the Swiss range, which have yet to be investigated.

two more


18 thoughts on “Tesco Finest Swiss dark chocolate with peppermint

  1. Sounds yummy. Now I need to go out and buy some chocolate. I like the look of the 72% dark chocolate one. I look forward to hear your thoughts on it. I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

  2. If there is anything I like its a bargain and that chocolate sure is a bargain …just a pound . What’s good enough for the delightful assistants is good for me . I shall be down my local Tecos’s checking it out.
    Glad delightful assistant no1 is on the mend ☺️

  3. Mint chocolate is something I wouldn’t normally go for, so I was interested to see this. Might give it a try! Always a space for chocolate in the fridge!

  4. Chocolate and mint is one of my favorite combinations! But…I don’t enjoy a too-sweet chocolate bar. I agree with you that it takes away from the taste of chocolate. And I think you’d better get on this idea of 52 weeks of chocolate-bar-tasting! What a noble endeavor. Not to mention it would be for the public good!

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