Intriguing sights no.10

I was walking along a street in the seaside town of Arbroath recently, when I passed a front door that had an unusual protuberance near the bottom of it.


On closer inspection, it appeared to be a dispensary of medicinal liquid.


I didn’t try it out but I felt reassured by its presence.


16 thoughts on “Intriguing sights no.10

  1. Ha. One other place springs to mind where you might find a similar door, and that would be Student Central, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. It’s very generous of them to share their tap like that!

    • I now have an image of inebriated Kiwi students prostrate on the floor reaching out to a tap near the floorboards for the life-giving liquor. I agree, most generous and community-minded of whoever put the tap there in Arbroath.

  2. Love this! What a great idea. I’m guessing the level is just right to stand an empty bottle underneath it? Or else it’s at the right height for elves and fairies?

  3. I cannot believe you did not try the tap. There is no way I could have passed this without doing so. It would have kept me up all night. I beg you to please go back, turn the tap on and run like hell. Hide behind a safe tree or wall, peep and see what happened (take binocs) I am sending $50 to you in the mail.

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