Scones I have known – no.8

Yesterday afternoon, on our way home from Edinburgh, the delightful assistants and I called into Loch Leven’s Larder near Kinross for afternoon tea.

During the drive I had been considering the possible scone options that might greet us on arrival. They usually have four varieties to choose from: plain, fruit, cheese and a daily special. I nearly always go for the special, and I was curious to know what it might be.

We arrived a little before 15:00 to find that the fruit scones had sold out. That left plain, cheese and the special which, on this occasion, was billed as ‘plum drizzle’. Having had a ‘drizzle’ scone here before I knew that it came with icing on top. On the whole, I prefer my scones without icing, but I did like the sound of the plums.

When we put in our order (breakfast tea and slices of summer berry pie for the assistants; ginger chai tea for me along with the plum drizzle scone) I was informed by the waitress that the scone was, in fact, cherry and not plum. Delightful assistant no.2 had suggested as much when he’d gone up to the cake counter to investigate the options and seen the scones for himself.

Cherry scones tend to be sweeter than most other varieties and so I briefly wondered if the added icing was enough to put me off. ‘I’m not sure if it is cherry actually,’ said the waitress. ‘Not to worry,’ said I, boldly. ‘Whatever it is, I’ll have it.’

When the scone arrived at the table there was an extra element of excitement involved in the proceedings. Was it cherry, or was it in fact plum? Going by this picture, what would you think?

mystery scone

If you said plum, I can inform you that you’re 100% spot on. There wasn’t a single cherry in that scone, but there were plenty of pieces of moist fresh plum.


The heaviest bit of the treat was the icing; the scone itself was light, fluffy and utterly delicious.

In case you’re interested in what the summer berry pie looked like, here it is without cream, as consumed by delightful assistant no.2 (who is very good about watching his cholesterol).

summer berry pie sans cream

And here’s the other piece, as consumed by delightful assistant no.1 (who, when it comes to cream, takes full advantage of her daily prescription of statins).

summer berry pie avec cream


13 thoughts on “Scones I have known – no.8

  1. Good on delightful assistant #1! 🙂 I was plumping for plum. Heh … plum … ping. Clearly it’s early in the day for me and I find myself much funnier than I am 🙂

  2. You see that’s the trouble with cherries we are just so sweet 😃 Just ignore that comment I’m in a stupid mood this morning . Knew it was plum , that jewel bright ruby sort with a breath of gold just brushing the surface. I agree with you definately NO icing . Good choices from delightful assistant no 1 and 2 …of course .

  3. I’d much rather find pieces of plum than cherry in my scone – I find glace cherries a bit sweet. And that summer berry pie looks nice – looks like a crumble topping, what a good idea.

    • I must say I was pleased it was plum rather than cherry on this occasion, and I believe the pie was highly acceptable, although I didn’t taste it myself (too wrapped up in my scone).

  4. As so often, now I am hungry! That looks very delicious, though I agree icing seems ‘de trop’ on a scone. However, if you put one in front of me just now, I would certainly overcome that criticism in short order. Glad you and the DAs had a good day out.

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