Milk chocolate tasting

After last week’s chocolate tasting, I thought it was only fair to delightful assistant no.1 (who is not a particular fan of dark chocolate) to provide her with a milk chocolate experience.

She has often said that Cadbury is her favourite brand, so I was interested to find out if any of the common alternatives might rival Cadbury’s chocolate in a blind taste test. To this end, I stalked along the confectionery aisle in Tesco and collected up a few options.

I chose a standard selection of bars, the sort you’d find in any British supermarket or newsagent’s shop (with the possible exception of the first one, which is a relative newcomer to the market, and Tesco’s own brand which, naturally enough, is only found in Tesco stores).

I bought six in all, as follows.

1. Mackie’s Traditionl Milk


2. Nestle Animal Bar

animal bar

3. Tesco Milk Chocolate


4. Galaxy Smooth Milk


5. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Giant Buttons


6. Milka Alpine Milk


Unlike the dark chocolate of our last tasting, the design, shape and general look of most of these chocolates would have been a bit of a giveaway if tasted in their original chunks. I, therefore, cut up each bar into small bits so that it wasn’t easy to tell by eye what any of them might be.


Each cut up chocolate bar was placed in a dish with a numbered number paper over it, hiding the chocolate from view.

numbered dishes

During tasting, we slipped our fingers under the papers and withdrew the bits without looking at them, to make doubly sure there could be no visual recognition.

We tasted each in turn, making notes as we went along about our taste experiences. When we’d been through all six, we tasted them again. This time we gave each one a score out of 10 and then ranked them from first to last in terms of preference.

DAs with wee dishes

For delightful assistant no.2 the top spot went to two joint winners: no.4 (Galaxy) and no.6 (Milka), both of which he gave 7/10. Third place went to no.2 (Animal Bar) with 6/10.

For me the winner was no.5 (Cadbury), which I gave 8/10, with my dad’s joint winners occupying my second (7/10) and third (7/10) places, respectively.

The real surprise of the day was the tally sheet of delightful assistant no.1, acclaimed fan of Cadbury’s chocolate. Not only did she give her top spot to the Mackies bar (5/10), but she awarded no.5 (Cadbury) with a shockingly low 1/10.

Where does this leave us, I wonder? Will delightful assistant no.1 wipe this tasting event from her memory and continue to choose Cadbury’s chocolate as before, or will she now turn her back on Cadbury and seek out pastures new?

I can’t predict the outcome, but I will watch her chocolate purchases with great interest from here on in.

* * * * *

In other news, I still have some calendars for sale on ebay.


My previous post, giving more photos and information about the calendar can be found here or by clicking on the ‘Calendar for 2016’ page at the top of the blog.

Each calendar costs £10 plus p&p, and can be purchased on ebay, through PayPal or, if you have money in a British bank, by Sterling cheque. (Please email lornaATsentDOTcom for more information about sending a cheque. This is the same email address to use for PayPal payments.)

Thank you to everyone who’s bought a calendar already, much appreciated.


16 thoughts on “Milk chocolate tasting

  1. What a devoted daughter you are! I love the seriousness with which you all carried out this exercise. And – shockeroo! Will Mackie’s be your mother’s milk chocolate of preference from now on? Maitland would have been delighted. Thanks also for the reminder about the calendars. I must give some thought to Christmas…

    • I don’t know if one tasting will be enough to change my mum’s lifelong chocolate buying habits. Perhaps I should give her another go using proper chunks of Dairy Milk instead of Giant Buttons. Did you know Maitland Mackie? I think Mackies have done well to diversify so much. Thank you very much for giving some thought to Christmas and buying calendars. 🙂

      • I didn’t know Maitland Mackie personally but as he was on the Court of the University of Aberdeen, where I used to work, I sometimes saw him coming for that. He was spoken of with affection by many people, and considered to be very down-to-earth even with having built up quite a business empire in his lifetime.

  2. This is interesting, Lorna! I’d like to think that I could tell Cadbury’s apart from other brands, but now I’m not so sure. I might give Mackie’s a try, if I see some. Confusingly, I see their label and think ‘crisps’ – do they also make crisps, I wonder? 🙂

    • I wonder if you could tell Cadbury’s apart, it would be interesting to test it out. I think my mum and I were both confident about being able to pick it out of the line-up but it’s surprisingly difficult when you taste things blind. I put the numbers on the chocolate some time before tasting and had forgotten which order I’d done them in. I was surprised that I chose Cadbury as the top brand, but not as surprised by that as by my mum’s result. You’re quite right about Mackies making crisps as well, and indeed ice cream.

  3. I have not seen an animal bar in yonks. Your posts lately are triggering quite the walk down memory lane!

  4. That was a surprising result! I must admit, I prefer dark chocolate and find Cadbury´s too sweet. (although all chocolate is good when you have a craving)

    • I feel the same, on the whole, about dark chocolate versus milk. Cadbury’s chocolate is sweet but it wasn’t the sweetest one in the taste test, at least in my opinion. Sometimes a chocolate craving is a craving for sugar, I think, in which case milk chocolate would slip down well.

  5. What a great excuse to buy some more chocolate Lorna!! 🙂 🙂 It is odd how men, in general terms, tend to prefer dark chocolate, and women milk chocolate. I’m also with your Dad’s choices and your second and third choices. I find Cadbury’s choc just tastes sweet, not chocolately (I’m sure that’s not a real word, but it will do) at all. It will be fascinating to see if your Mum changes her eating habits, you’ll need to keep us all posted 🙂
    BTW Great calendars, I’ll bear you in mind for 2017 ones – we’ve already bought the ones we need for this Christmas 😦

    • Thank you, Andy. I hadn’t thought of there being a male/female divide on the chocolate front but you may well be right. I used to be more of a milk chocolate fan than I am now. I seem to have grown into a love of the dark stuff.

  6. As a dark chocolate fan, I didn’t have quite the Pavlovian reaction to this as I did to the earlier testing. When I think of Cadbury’s fruit and nut the reaction ossuaries… (I thought I had written ‘occurs’, but spellcheck had rather more obscure ideas).

    • It wasn’t so much my bag either, but a bit of variety can be a good thing. I haven’t had any fruit and nut for ages, but thinking about it reminds me of what a satisfying mouthful it is. Spellcheckers do come up with the most peculiar ideas.

  7. I am a cadburys fan from way back. The factory is still in Tasmania, my home state and I look forward to visiting with my son one day. As for milks bars, they do have a beautiful creaminess to them too. I have a major chocolate craving just now!!!

    • What a lovely thought, taking your young lad to visit the chocolate factory. There’s a Cadbury World here, or rather in England, but I haven’t been. I would quite like to go one day.

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