Scones I have known – no.9

I had quite a few scones on holiday in Cumbria last month, but the best was saved till last.

After leaving our holiday home at Red Hall Farm, on our way back north we took a detour to Lanercost Priory, about half a mile from Hadrian’s Wall.

We didn’t have time to visit the priory itself, but we did visit the award winning tearoom next to it.

Lanercost Priory tearoom

Lanercost Priory Tearoom, gift shop and information centre.

The delightful assistants opted for coffee and a slice of lemon cake between them.

lemon cake

Pleased to find there was leaf tea on offer, I chose a pot of Darjeeling accompanied by a fruit scone.

fruit scone with jam

The scone hadn’t been long out of the oven and was still slightly warm. With a little butter, it was absolute bliss. The poor old jam that came with it didn’t have a look in.

Lanercost scone


15 thoughts on “Scones I have known – no.9

  1. We were there a couple of years ago, when it was so wet and windy we were the only people mad enough to go round the ruins. It was a superb place to dry out and warm up!

    • Good for you, braving the weather like that. I can imagine how welcoming the tearoom would be after such exertions. I would like to go round the priory one day, and the prospect of another visit to that tearoom makes it all the more appealing.

      • When given such a choice, I always have so much trouble deciding. In the end I had a custard filled empanada which was wonderful. Hubby had a piece of apple cake which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately we wolfed them down before I thought of taking a picture! We plan to return.

  2. Yes both look just delicious…my husband would go for the lemon cake…anything lemon for him and me… I would be able to pass up that gorgeous scone…just so appealing.

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