Delightful assistants star in glossy paperback

The Delightful Assistants

2016 brought many enjoyable outings for the delightful assistants.

Having fallen down on the job of recording these on her blog in recent months, their chauffeur has instead produced a glossy paperback relating some of their adventures.

Containing over 60 photographs interspersed with text spread across 58 square pages (measuring approximately 17cm x 17cm), the book features the dynamic duo up to various shenanigans in their native Scotland.


You can see a larger image and flick through the entire book by clicking on the red title or cover above. (When you get to the Blurb website, click on the front cover of the book to scroll through).

Although the book was created mainly for the amusement of the delightful assistants, extra copies were ordered for dispersal to family and friends.

Thanks to the technology of print on demand, the book is available to buy in single copies direct from the Blurb…

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7 thoughts on “Delightful assistants star in glossy paperback

  1. Lorna! It’s so nice to hear from you again. What a brilliant idea this book is. I would love to have something like this starring my parents but, alas, that opportunity has passed. Your family will treasure this for generations to come. Well done!

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