Herb scones

Yesterday I went back to the Perthshire tearoom with the wonderful herb scones (see Scones post) and guess what I had…..a herb scone! This time I partenered it with a small portion of delicious warming parsnip and celeriac soup:

Admittedly, that portion of soup looks pretty woeful, but it was a large deep bowl and there was more of it than it would seem from the picture.

The herb scone this time was about the size of two scones, and was so tall it had fallen over during baking. Perhaps not as pretty as my previous scone, but larger and every bit as tasty:



I wasn’t quite with it this morning and I did sort of half wonder if I’d be making mistakes with my earlier post about scones. Right enough, I forgot to mention that the wonderful herb scone with the seeds on top was not from Dunkeld. I was in Dunkeld on Saturday, enjoying the blackcurrant scone, but on Sunday I was elsewhere in Perthshire delighting in the herb one. I haven’t given any clues about the location so far, but I will dedicate another post to it in the near future. Promise.


Do you like the look of this?

This is the counter area of the tearoom where I had lunch in Dunkeld on Saturday. My nosh consisted of a bowl of delicious butternut squash soup which, according to the menu, came with oatcakes. In fact, not only oatcakes, but a chunk of granary bread and a slice of white.

I find it hard to resist a scone, and particularly one in this tearoom, so after the soup I plumped for a blackcurrant scone with wonderful home-made kiwi and apple jam (this tearoom does a number of excellent jams, but the kiwi and apple is my favourite).

Yesterday was another fine day for scones. The outstanding scone I sampled yesterday lunchtime should really have a page to itself, but I think it will get the attention it deserves in a future post. I’m not sure if I can descibe this scone in a way that conveys to you the exquisite taste sensation I experienced. To describe it, as the tearoom menu does, as a ‘herb scone’ barely scratches the surface of the thing. You simply must see a few pictures of it before I ramble on any further.

The recipe is a secret, but according to the cafe’s website, it contains peppers, spring onions, cheddar cheese, thyme, marjoram and parsley. As you can see, it also sports some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and is a true triumph in scone creation. I devoured this delight with a slice of Emmental cheese, washed down with a glass of Elderflower presse, and the combination of all three items was a huge success.

After that rave review, I hardly feel I like to include the next scones, but here they are none the less:

I made them this morning, blueberry and lemon scones, and rather greedily wolfed two with my morning tea. I now feel rather sluggish and in need of a bit of exercise, so despite the dreich weather I’m off out for a little trot to work off some of those calories.