Auchtermuchty! (I like rolling out the name with a strong Scottish accent.)

If you’re familiar with Auchtermuchty you probably already know of its famous sons. There are three that I know of: Jimmy Shand, Charlie Reid and Craig Reid. Jimmy Shand, or Sir Jimmy to give him his formal title, was not actually born in Auchtermuchty but his family moved there when he was young and Auchtermuchty has adopted him as its own. He was an accordianist so famous that there’s a life-size bronze statue of him surrounded by bonnie purple heather in the town:

Charlie and Craig Reid are also famous for their music, but in their case it’s as the identical twin vocalistis in Scottish band The Proclaimers. This is not perhaps their best known song but it’s called after a place I used to live and the video has a nice shot of the Forth Rail Bridge about halfway through:

There’s no statue in Auchtermuchty of Charlie and Craig yet, but this might be because they’re both still alive.

The tearoom we were bound for is also famous, not so much in its present form but as a location in the popular Scottish TV drama¬†series¬†Dr Finlay, which centred round the life of a village doctor in the 1940s. In fact, much of the town was used for filming Dr Finlay, the older part being quite quirky and characterful. For one thing, it’s the only place I’ve ever seen a cross-eyed red lion door knocker:

The tearoom, no doubt with a nod to its televisual history, has an old-fashioned post-war feel about it:

Thankfully, the menu is more up to date and we had a very tasty light luncheon with lovely fresh side salads. I had a slice of toasted ciabatta with tangy strong cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes and herbs, and my assistant had a ham salad roll:

A very tall bottle of dressing accompanied our meal:

Lurking in one corner of the tearoom were two wally dugs (I’m afraid I can’t shed any light on why they’re called that but, for those of you not in the know, they’re curious dog-like china ornaments). I took a couple of shots of them but each time one of the dogs was slightly out of focus. Their movement was barely perceptible to the naked eye, but I’m convinced that they moved just as I clicked the button: